Hub for Natural Hair


Subscriptions and shipping

Which month’s box do I receive after subscribing?

With your subscription, you will be billed for your first box. The month of subscription determines the box you will receive. For example, if you subscribe on October 31st the first box you receive will be the box and products assigned to the month of October.

Note: Free shipping is available to customers within Trinidad and Tobago.

What kind of products will my box contain?

Naturalistas of the Hub receive products, tools and accessories from popular, trusted and upcoming brands. Our dedicated team of naturalistas select each item for that month’s box based on quality, trend, and popular picks from you our customers via our social media platforms, and always with the goal of healthy hair in mind.


Hub for Natural Hair - Product Box

What is the cost of Hub for Natural Hair monthly subscription box?

On a Purchase Now (month to month) subscription plan the Hub for Natural Hair subscription box is $49.95 USD or $350.00 TTD plus any applicable taxes and shipping cost.

We also offer you 3, 6 and 12-month prepaid plan options that offer savings.

The cost of a 3-month subscription plan is $48.95 USD or $340.00 TTD per box.

*Save $3 USD or $30.00 TTD compared to monthly by Prepaying $146.85 USD or $1,020 TTD. 

The cost of a 6-month subscription plan is $47 USD or $330 TTD per box.

*Save $17.70 USD or $120 TTD compared to monthly by prepaying $282 USD or $1,980 TTD.

The cost of a 12-month subscription plan is $45 USD or $320 TTD per box.

*Save by receiving 12 subscription boxes for the price of 11 by prepaying $540 USD or $3,840 TTD.

With the purchase of a subscription plan, customers will receive a hair care subscription box for each month of the duration of their subscription.

Note: 3,6 & 12 Months subscriptions are Non-refundable.